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The stories I like to write have many common themes. The largest one is a smart individual who overcomes adversity. I used this theme in a thriller, romance/drama/sci-fi, and spy novel.
This same theme appears in works such as Tom Cruise or George Clooney movies and Tom Clancy or Ken Follett books. Even the light-hearted fantasy movie Shrek is a bunch of bright people overcoming problems.
In pasts blogs, I shared my dislike for horror, superhero, and old west themes. It makes sense that I would not write about such topics. However, there are many themes I enjoy but choose not to write about. For example, The student learning from the master. The traveler who finds themselves in an adventure. The lost soul who finds purpose. The teenager growing up or an adult trying to relive the past.
What about non-fiction? I enjoy non-fiction books and recently read “I am Spock” by Leonard Nimoy. However, writing such a book takes lots of effort, and I have no desire to undertake this task.
On the same note, I enjoy electronics, but I have no interest in writing about that topic. There is a side story here. I applied for an electronics blog ghostwriting job. While I looked forward to this prospect, the job never materialized.
Should I challenge myself? How about writing a horror story? Why not make my next blog a five-paragraph horror story? No pressure. While I agree, it would challenge, I write for fun, and a horror story (or something outside my comfort zone) does not sound like fun. This brings up an important point. A forced story will never be a good read.
I will keep chugging along and writing stories of the type that I like to read. With some luck, my efforts will hit the mark with people who share my interests. What a minute. Did I just write that last sentence with a straight face? Let me check. Am I hoping my books reach twisted readers like me? Hmm. Maybe I need an alternative plan.

You’re the best -Bill
July 08, 2020

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