Enjoying the Story
I began writing with the underlying goal of creating three books and sending them to a bunch of publishers. Surely one would like my beautiful creations, and I would be rich. Otherwise, that would be the end of my writing journey. Unfortunately, my writing adventure did not follow this well thought out plan. I quickly learned that traditional publishing is not for the little guy, and self-publishing offered a slim chance at success.
What keeps me going? I am the type of person who needs to see something through. Yet, there is something else. I want to create stories of the kind that I would enjoy reading. These stories are now familiar, and I think about them often. Yet, they are unfinished, and I have many plans for their future.
During my endless self-editing, I get to relive the plot I created. At the moment, my main character is about to become a businesswoman with lots of work problems. She is going to use alcohol to overcome her stress.
While I wrote this section two years ago, I still look forward to reading it. How will she overcome her alcohol problems? While I know the answer, I always get a thrill from reading the solution. The feeling is similar to meeting an old friend and discussing past events.
Perhaps reliving an old plot is an odd motivation for a writer. I wonder what inspires other authors. Money? Fame? For me, the overall process is still fun because I genuinely like the story. I love it even more when others enjoy my efforts.

You’re the best -Bill
May 27, 2020

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