Writing in Lockdown
In case you read this blog in the future, I wrote this particular entry during the 2020 virus quarantine. During this time, most people cannot go to work, and outside activities are limited. In my case, I work from home and rarely travel.
I equate this experience to the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murry. On weekdays, I get up at 6:00, start working, take an 11:15 lunchtime walk, and at 3:30, I turn off my work computer. I then turn on my home computer, edit my works, eat dinner, watch television and go to sleep. On weekends, I keep the same schedule without the work, the definition of stir crazy.
I miss movie theaters, eating at restaurants, buying junk at the swap meet, riding my bike, shopping, and seeing my parents/coworkers/friends/normal people. Everybody wears masks, which makes it look like a bad movie.
How is my writing going? To answer this question, I must rewind a year. I have been in an endless self-editing loop. When I finished editing a book, I have to start back at the beginning. Why? While editing, my abilities improve, which reveals new problems that need to be fixed. An annoying problem.
There is an upside to this unfortunate situation. By not commuting, I have more time to edit. However, editing is becoming monotonous, like a forced second job. Writing is losing its appeal.
Overall, my outlook is bleak because my future holds no vacations, trips, or events. I put my mountain bike in the guest bedroom along with my car cover. (Side note, I am going to defy a few rules and go on a bike ride Wednesday.)
It will be a long time before the world situation changes. Why not write about it? Start a new book? Turn this frown upside down? The next book that I want to write has some main plot problems that need to be worked out. I have been considering a book of short stories, but I recently realized that all the unrelated stories have similar plots. The overconfident guy learns the lesson. Hmm.
This blog entry has not been compelling. Wishy-washy. Undefined. These words describe what many people are feeling. Allow me to end this blog with a prediction. Lots more people are going to die, and I will be back at work in two months. October at the absolute latest. This blog reads like a bad ending to a bad story.

You’re the best -Bill
May 13, 2020

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