My Legacy
In President Bill Clinton’s last year in office, he became plagued with scandals. Out of that huge mess, one aspect stands out for me. He had a great concern that his scandals would damage his legacy. I thought this to be an odd priority.
Recently, I have been thinking of my legacy. What long-lasting accomplishments have I made up to this point? I am raising a wonderful daughter, engineered many products, contributed online, have a good marriage and published one book. Obviously, my greatest legacy is my daughter.
The question remains. What do I want people to think about when they hear the name Bill Conrad? Over the years, I set many goals. The most endearing is to start a business. What goals have gone away? I failed to write four patents and stopped working at 11 companies for various reasons. Wow, 11? Something to think about.
Is that it? How about getting a big prize for being an author? An engineering award? An Oscar for a movie based on my book? A hero medal for saving somebody's life? Such awards would be nice, but they are not goals. I would like to think that my efforts speak for themselves.
It seems like I am dancing around the topic. True. My firm answer is that my daughter is my only real legacy. If people like my books or use my engineered products, that is wonderful. Otherwise, I am content to let my name slip away into the digital dust. Still. It would be nice to start a business. Got to work on that.

You’re the best -Bill
April 15, 2020

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