An Important Blog Topic
I have the goal of creating a multi-part blog about how women are poorly portrayed in media. This seems like a reasonable goal. Why not jump right in? Well… This is an important topic and a controversial topic. Does this mean the topic is too difficult to write about? I have given this topic a lot of thought and know exactly how it should be written. Hmm. It seems like I am avoiding the real issue.
In writing this blog, I took some time to think about the subject and identified two obstacles. The first is that I have been waiting until I had enough writing skills to properly tackle this issue. The second reason is a little more complex. I have been preparing for so long that I would have covered all the important topics. Hmm. The human mind is indeed strange.
How should I solve this problem? The obvious answer is to set a date. Fine. I will make this a subject for my next three blogs. Done! Well… I already set a few “hard dates” and they flew by. I even wrote an outline.
Should I disregard the topic? Should I apply more effort? Break it up into stages? Start a new outline? Hmm. I know how my mind works. One day I will get upset (probably by watching another movie where women are mistreated) and start writing.
Perhaps writing this blog will shame me into starting this task. Blogging solved writing issues in my past. If you recall my blog that dealt with writer's block:
Will this blog effort rouse up my inner drive? Perhaps. Or is it best to best to procrastinate even longer? It seems like a lazy way to end a blog.

You’re the best -Bill
March 04, 2020
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