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Writers get inspiration from many sources, including their personal experiences. For example, I had a bad breakup in High School and I used those memories to create a scene. In looking over my work, I captured many critical life-defining moments. However, I do not write about recent personal events. Are they noteworthy? While I don’t lead a particularly exciting life, there have been many circumstances worthy of sharing.
For example, my daughter’s female classmates experienced inappropriate policies. Why not discuss every detail in great depth? While my daughter did not get exposed to this harsh treatment, a healthy Facebook discussion could bring about change or make an amazing book scene. I bet people would be truly outraged. Best of all, such a topic would promote my abilities. Hey, world. Bill really cares about stuff. Buy his books!
Not going to happen. Why? I go far out of my way to make sure my private life stays off the internet. The idea of random people knowing my details is repulsive. Plus, there will be personal fallout. In the above example, sharing these details would put my daughter into an awkward situation. In addition, those girls have been through enough without my attempts to peddle books. On a side note, the parents are very upset and are now taking the matter up with the district. If that fails, they will be seeking legal avenues and media attention.
Why not disguise my identity? Ghostwriter Bob’s daughter is having problems… My ethics are not compatible with this tact. I stand by my words and choose not to hide behind an anonymous shield.
What about my successes? “Hey, world. I just sold another book! Yay!” A core part of my personality does not like to brag. Unfortunately, this low-profile attitude leads to promotion problems. “My books are the best ever! You should buy one.” Do I believe that statement? Should I believe it? Clearly, I need to take more risks. Unfortunately, I continue to believe in the fantasy that a great book will sell itself. “Soon, the world will discover me.” This continues to be a blind spot.
Is having a bubbly personality good? “Hey world, I just crashed my car. Look at me! Buy my book!” People love reading such statements and they do sell books. We are like moths drawn to the open flames of entertainment. Unfortunately, that personality type will never occupy my mind. As a self-publisher, this means the road to success will be lengthy.
For now, I am going to keep my private life private. However, I will try to be a little more outrageous. But just a little. Is it too late to edit that last sentences?

You’re the best -Bill
February 26, 2020

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