Pushed to the Edge of Survival is a Fictional 184,000 word survival drama-romance. At present the manuscript is in the editing process. YAY!

A cruise to Alaska was supposed to be the answer to all of Gabe’s problems. It wasn’t and after another pointless argument with his wife, he found himself upset. Late that night, Gabe ventured onto the deck to stare out at the desolate endless Alaskan coastline. Kim was also having a miserable cruise experience and unexpectedly struck up a rather personal conversation with Gabe. Their lengthily conversation helped and they both felt a lot better. Just as they were about to part company, there was a great flash of light and an explosion that cast them into the cold Pacific Ocean. Gabe and Kim fought for their lives with every ounce of strength they had.
The next morning, thirty-four-year-old Gabe awoke on a desolate beach, surrounded by rocky cliffs next to this eighteen-year-old Kim. Over time the pair struggle to survive while trekking the menacing Alaskan coast. Along the way, deeply logical Gabe and confident strong-willed Kim learned to trust each other and in the process, a passionate bond is formed. Together, they flourished and overcome all obstacles. However, society forbade their kind of love and they were forced apart. After this shattering circumstance, they picked up the pieces to their separate lives. It is only then that the true adventure begins.

Copyright © 2019 Bill Conrad