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I have always wanted to have a blog and up until now, I really didn’t have a topic that I thought was worth sharing. Well, now I do. I recall that Matt and Trey described South Park as “a bullhorn to yell at the world.” My plan isn't quite that bold. The topics on this blog are mainly about writing, books and being an author.
If you have a comment about the blog, email me and I will include it at the bottom of the post.
These blogs are also duplicated on Facebook and Goodreads. Of course, they look a lot cooler on this website because I can add graphics, links and other fun stuff.

January 16, 2019
My Ethics Hinder Good Story

January 10, 2019
Using Grammarly

January 2, 2019
Most Authors Are Goodhearted People

December 26, 2018
If Aliens Arrive, Science Fiction Will Change

December 20, 2018
Writing A Character Biography

December 12, 2018
Writing A Book Outline

December 05, 2018
Translating Books to Film

November 28, 2018
Why I Like Neil Gaiman

November 21, 2018
Books I Didn’t Like

November 14, 2018
I Never Understood Existential

November 02, 2018
Are Ghosts Real?

October 31, 2018
I Love to Self-Edit

October 25, 2018
My Russian Characters

October 17, 2018
Working With An Editor

October 11, 2018
My Computer Isn’t a Typewriter

October 03, 2018
Writing a Good Main Character

September 26, 2018
Full Time to Part Time Author

September 19, 2018
It’s Easier to be a Fiction Author

September 13, 2018
Great Protagonists

September 05, 2018

August 30, 2018
Writing for Maximum Length

August 22, 2018
Female Characters

August 15, 2018
Being an Author Has Altered My Outlook

August 01, 2018
Writing Has Unexpectedly Become Difficult

July 25, 2018
Creative Writing in College

July 18, 2018
How Writing Has Affected My Family Life

July 11, 2018
When I Realized I Had Become An Author

July 04, 2018
Technical Writing (By a Fiction Author)

June 28, 2018
Why I Blog

June 20, 2018
Writing About a Controversial Topic

June 12, 2018
How A Plot Develops

June 6, 2018
Confusing Writing With Real Life

May 30, 2018
The People We Want to Read About

May 22, 2018
Overcoming Critics

May 13, 2018
Writing an Intimate Scene

April 22, 2018
Using A Pen Name

April 08, 2018
My Eternal Struggle With Grammar Continues

February 26, 2018
Bill’s Guild to Self-Publishing Marketing

February 5, 2018
Bill’s Guide to Self-Publishing

January 15, 21, 2018
Bill’s Guide to Writing a Book

December, 21, 2017
The Goal of Becoming an Author

October, 24, 2017
My Eternal Struggle With Grammar

December, 12, 2017
Writing in the Tom Clancy Universe

September 24, 2017
Living in a Dystopian Present

September 10, 2017
Why I write

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